King County Car Tabs & Report of Sale

File your vehicle Report of Sale in Bothell, WA at Worthington Licensing to protect your liability when selling a vehicle. When releasing interest in a vehicle, it is very important to file a vehicle Report of Sale within 5 days of the sale date, if you have:

  • Sold privately
  • Given as a gift to another person
  • Traded, either privately or to a dealership
  • Donated to charity
  • Turned over to an insurance company
  • Disposed of

You can file a Vehicle Report of Sale either online or in-person at Worthington Licensing. When you file your Report of Sale at Worthington Licensing, you will receive a certified receipt, which protects your liability.

Why File a Report of Sale?

Filing a Report of Sale protects you if the buyer does not transfer the title of the vehicle into their name. Without the Report of Sale, you could be held liable for toll bills, towing charges, and other civil or criminal circumstances accrued by the new owner.

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Ensure you are protected and contact Worthington Licensing to file your Report of Sale in Bothell, WA.