About Worthington Licensing in Bothell, WA

Established in the 1940s and serving the area for over 75 years, Worthington Licensing in Bothell, WA can be relied on to get things right the first time. Our expert staff has helped us earn a reputation for convenience and excellent service. Stop by the next time your registration is about to expire and see for yourself.

A Piece of Bothell’s History

Original storefront.

Worthington Licensing in Bothell, WA, was among one of the first subagents appointed in King County and was started by a pioneer family in Bothell. Mr. A.G. Worthington came to Bothell in 1914 and purchased the Bothell State Bank in 1917. Years later, Worthington Insurance and Worthington Licensing were established to offer additional services for their customers. The bank clients were able to finance, insure, title, and license their vehicles all at one location.

Current storefront.

When the current owner, Jan Cox began her career with the Worthington’s in 1958, vehicle licenses expired annually on December 31st. Registration renewals were hand written and took place between January 1st and February 4th.

The insurance and license agency were moved to separate locations after the Bothell State Bank was purchased by a larger financial institution in 1972. Worthington Licensing is family owned with three generations of family employed at the current location which has been across the street from Bothell City Hall since 1986.

Worthington Licensing has been a member of the Washington Association of Vehicle Subagents since its inception in 1980, as well as a long-time member of the Greater Bothell Chamber of Commerce/Bothell Kenmore Chamber.

A road going into the distance with a blue tinge

Worthington Licensing, White Logo

Contact us the next time your registration is about to expire and see why people have been choosing Worthington Licensing in Bothell, Washington for over 75 years.