Additional Notary Services in Bothell, WA

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Worthington Licensing offers notary services in Bothell, WA. Typically, we have a notary public on staff during all office hours. There is no need to make an appointment unless you require notarization of a Last Will and Testament. Contact us to make an appointment for notarization of a Last Will and Testament. Notary services are $10.00 per seal/stamp, and we can only accept cash or check for these transactions.

Pet Licensing in Bothell, WA

King County Pet Licensing

Worthington Licensing has partnered with the Regional Animal Services of King County to issue pet licenses. When your pet is wearing a King County pet license, you are assured of:


  • Notification should your pet be found by King County Animal Control or a concerned neighbor who accesses the found pet information line.
  • A free ride home on the first impound. No impound fee will be charged. Officers will attempt to return your pet home immediately, skipping a visit to the animal shelter.
  • Up to 2 weeks of safety. Your licensed pet will be cared for at the King County Animal
  • Shelter for at least 5 days after phone contact with you and up to 2 weeks after mailed notice, before it is adopted or euthanized.
  • Participation in the Vacation Pet Alert program. When you leave home, just let us know who will be responsible for your pet’s care or where you can be reached.

How Your Pet’s License Works

Each license provides a unique number which identifies your pet as belonging to you as long as the tag and collar are worn. Your name, address, and phone number, as well as a description of your pet, is kept on file at King County Animal Control. Records are updated annually to keep information current. If someone finds your pet, they can call the phone number on the license and receive this information. If we find your pet, we will contact you.

The tag your pet will wear serves as a permanent pet license tag for the life of your pet. The tag is made of durable stainless steel and does not require annual replacement. If your pet loses the tag or it is destroyed, a new one can be obtained at Worthington Licensing for a small replacement fee. A renewal notice will be mailed to you each year, but when you renew, your pet will retain the same tag.

Fee Type
$15 Juvenile Under 6 months, 6 months expiration
$30 Altered Proof pet is spayed or neutered
$60 Unaltered Eligible for spay/neuter voucher
$15 Senior Citizen Proof citizen is 65 or older, and pet is spayed or neutered
$15 Disabled Person (altered pets only) Proof of eligibility form required
$5 Replacement Tag For lost, unexpired tag
$0 Service Animal Statement of Disability & service animal certification required

The fine for an unlicensed pet is $125 for a spayed/neutered pet and $250 for an unaltered pet. For more information, please visit Regional Animal Services of King County.

Bothell Residents

Effective January 1st, 2011, the City of Bothell began its own pet licensing program. If you are a resident of Bothell and need to license your pet, you can do so by visiting or in-person at:

Bothell City Hall
18305 101st Ave NE
Bothell, WA 98011

Kirkland Residents

Effective January 1st, 2018, the City of Kirkland began its own pet licensing program. If you are a resident of Kirkland and need to license your pet, you can do so by visiting or in-person at:

Kirkland City Hall
123 5th Avenue
Kirkland, WA 98033

Disabled Parking in Bothell, Washington

At Worthington Licensing, we can issue disabled parking permits. A licensed physician, physician assistant, or registered nurse practitioner must determine if you qualify for disabled parking privileges.

Temporary and Permanent Disabled Parking Permits for Individuals

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Bring in your Disabled Parking Application for Individuals and original signed prescription to receive your disabled parking permit. Make sure your doctor completes the “Healthcare Provider” section on the application. The prescription needs to include the doctor’s letterhead and signature and the name of the individual the permit is being issued to. You will receive your placard instantaneously. An “Individual with Disabilities Parking Privilege” ID card and detailed information about using the placard is mailed separately in 2-4 weeks.

Keep the ID card in your wallet or purse. You must provide it to law enforcement when requested.

Permanent disability privileges expire every 5 years. A renewal notice is sent 45 days prior to the expiration date. Have your doctor fill out and sign the “Healthcare Provider” section on the renewal application and provide you with a new original signed prescription. Temporary disability privileges expire anywhere from a month to a year from the date it was noted by your physician. If you need it longer, you must start over and apply for another placard.

Where To Park Using Your Disability Placard

You can park:

  • On the street, for free in any parking space that is time restricted (including metered parking). This does not apply to privately-owned parking lots or areas reserved for special types of vehicles (fire lanes, loading zones, etc.)
  • In any specially-designated accessible parking space. Van-accessible spaces are designed for use by wheelchair vans. Use them only if you drive a wheelchair van, or no other disabled parking spaces are available.

You cannot park:

  • Where stopping, parking, or standing of all vehicles is prohibited.
  • In spaces reserved for special types of vehicles (fire lanes, loading zones, etc.).
Handicap parking spots with a blue tinge.

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